New Delhi, Mar 1 (ANI): We all know that Hrithik Roshan is the biggest dancing star of Bollywood. His dance moves can compel anybody to shake a leg and this time none other than our very own 'Khiladi' Kumar has become a very big fan of his dancing. So big that he wants his son to follow the footsteps of Hrithik and learn from him. Akshay Kumar, who is known as the action king of Bollywood, is so much in awe of Hrithik's flawless dancing skills that he is scared of even shaking a leg with him on screen! In a recent interview to a leading daily Akshay said, “This is something I have always thought – if Hrithik ever opens a dance class, my son would be the first person to join it. I am talking to him to see if he can coach my son to dance.
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