“Many pet foods contain unacceptable levels of toxic additives and artificial sweeteners that can make your pet sick, and even prove fatal. First, of course, scan the labels to see if the pet food has quality animal protein like chicken, beef, fish, lamb or turkey. Among the most toxic preservatives is sulphite, whose consumption is known to have killed numerous pet dogs and cats. The label can claim that the meat is fresh and safe because it is vacuum packed. But when sulphite is used as a preservative, pets develop breathing problems. Often pet mince, pet meat and pet rolls contain high levels of sulphur dioxide, and can cause serious brain damage. Dogs given such food soon start showing the symptoms of sulphur dioxide poisoning. If your dog tilts its head to one side and seems to walk around in a confused or disoriented way, you can be sure that it was fed toxic food. Degeneration of the brain can quickly lead to paralysis, seizures and death”
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