“Cut your tobacco and alcohol intake, if you can___t give them up altogether. And eat and drink healthy and at regular hours. Lastly, do at least some exercises ___ such as the ones already listed. Do these and you can be sure that you will live longer and feel younger than others of your age who do not observe these golden rules. If you can quit smoking, then of course there___s nothing like it. For smokers run the highest risk of dying prematurely, as compared to non-smokers. It is best to quit the habit before middle age settles in, because as you age it becomes harder for the body to repair the cells damaged through constant exposure to nicotine and carbon monoxide that tobacco contains. Moderate alcohol intake vastly reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Heavy drinking, on the contrary, can leave you with an enlarged liver, causes your blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels and in some cases reduces fertility. Also avoid stress, because it is one of the major triggers of heart attacks and a host of other diseases as well. Finally, stop having processed foods which are not only laden with bad fats but also harmful preservatives. Instead, go in for natural staples and fibrous foods, like wholemeal wheat, leafy vegetables and fruits.”
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