Sunny Leone was recently in an interview on CNN-IBN's show 'The Hot Seat' with Bhupendra Chaubey. Sunny was asked a series of tough questions which he answered very professionally.

Many celebrities and audiences lauded Sunny for the way she handled the interview, and one celebrity who caught her attention was Aamir Khan. Aamir supported Sunny by saying that he would be happy to work with you and he has absolutely no problems with her “past”,as the interviewer put it. He added that Sunny conducted herself with a lot of dignity and grace, and wished that he could say the same thing about the interviewer. Sunny took no time in responding, saying that it meant the world and beyond to her, and thanked Aamir for the support.

Aamir and Sunny do share a bond of friendship and respect towards each other, and its nice to see such a response.

That's the scoop! Stay tuned for more Bollywood news everyday!
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