Children and young adults are increasingly under tremendous emotional and mental stress in India. Our busy and confusing society can be harsh and confusing to them. Not everyone around them is well meaning to them.At times, talking to friends or family isn t going to be a child or young adult s first choice when it comes to venting or sharing and seeking support. Tele Helplines can be great support systems provided they are run by qualified and trained professionals.Helplines offer young adults and children avenues to speak confidentially, find strength to disclose issues, move closer to finding resolutions, and face life with a lighter heart. The Youth and Child Helpline in Bangalore, run by Parivarthan, is one such. In this webisode, I meet the people behind this helpline and get an insight into what this helpline offers. I discover that Parivarthan s qualified staff work in two shifts supporting callers, and that some of them are volunteers who are also helping with fund raising.You can reach the Youth and Child Helpline at: 080 6533 3323To extend your support to this helpline, get in touch with Parivarthan at or 080 2529 8686.
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