WBRi Washington Bangla Radio (http://www.washingtonbanglaradio.com) Exclsusive report of world premiere of Manan Singh Katohora’s Bollywood Hindi Thriller Movie “9 ELEVEN” in Washington DC South Asian Film Festival 2012 (DCSAFF 2012) to a packed theater. Full report at Washington Bangla Radio (http://www.WashingtonBanglaRadio.com) The cast and crew interacted with the audience after the screening, this is the 1st of two videos from the event. 9 ELEVEN Directed by Manan Singh Katohora, Starring Kashmera Shah, Chinmay Dhamne, Devasish Ray, Homi Irani, Jyoti Singh, Mandira Mehra, Narain Kumar Mathur, Nikkitasha Marwaha, Nilima Mehra, Nitin Verma, Paul Singh, Priya Mathur, Rashmi Pradhan, Ripneet Brar, Roni Mazumdar, Salsabil Malik, Samir Stewart, Music Director: Jatin Pandit Director: Manan Singh Katohora Producer: Narain Kumar Mathur, Sadhna Mathur Lyrics: Sanjay Chhel Genre: Hindi
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