Every single one of us has both antioxidants and free radicals present inside of our bodies at all times. Some antioxidants are made from the body itself, while we must get others from our diets by eating high antioxidant foods that double as anti-inflammatory foods.
Antioxidants can be found as vitamins, minerals or phytochemicals (special plant compounds). They help repair cell damage caused by free radicals, which can mess with your immune system. Each fruit and veggie has their own unique combination of various antioxidants.

Here are 7 high antioxidant foods you must eat regularly.

Packed with anthocyanins that give you an energy boost.

One of the best sources of antioxidants like carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene.

Packed with three types of antioxidants – Lycopene (that gives tomato its bright red colour), Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

Super healthy and experts recommend that you must have at least a handful or 30 grams of nuts daily.

Abundant in Vitamin C, the primary water-soluble antioxidant in the body, disarming free radicals and preventing damage to your cells.

High in two inflammation-fighting phytochemicals: anthocyanin and quercitin.

Great antibacterial and anti-fungal medicine. Effective in reducing inflammation, toothache, and even improve our sexual health.

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