Detoxing can do more than make your eyes sparkle and your skin glow – it can boost energy levels, improve digestion and help shift a few unwanted kilos too. The purpose of any detox plan is to take the load off the organs that detoxify the body – the liver, kidneys and bowel – while at the same time supporting and improving their performance.

Here are 7 best foods which helps detox your body. Do your best to eat some of these foods each day. If you do, you are giving your body a daily cleaning service.

1. Apples
The fiber pectin helps detox metals and food additives that have accumulated in your body over the years.

2. Beetroot
The red vegetable contains a mix of phytochemicals and minerals that makes it a great blood purifier and liver cleanser.

3. Broccoli
Not only does broccoli increase glutathione, which helps the liver transform toxins into a form that can be easily eliminated.

4. Cabbage
Contains sulfur and stimulates the activation of two crucial liver detoxifying enzymes.

5. Carrots
Rich in glutathione, carrots are one of the most powerfully detoxing vegetables.

6. Cauliflower
Aids in the production of enzymes that flush out toxins and carcinogens, making it also a powerful disease-fighting food.

7. Lemons
The citrus fruit helps to convert toxins into a water-soluble form that can be easily excreted from the body, literally flushing the unwanted substances from your body.

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