Paying attention to your diet is one of the best possible defenses against migraines. You should work to incorporate preventive foods into your diet and limit foods that are migraine triggers.

When a headache strikes, we just lie down and pop a pain pill. But there are certain foods may ease, and even prevent, headaches. Here are the 7 best foods that can help prevent migraines.

Rich in potassium, eating potassium-rich foods can help to alleviate headaches.

Dehydration is a major cause of headaches, watermelon is rich in water content which is key in headache prevention.

Magnesium, found in almonds, may protect your body from the brunt of a headache by relaxing blood vessels.

Spinach has been shown to help decrease blood pressure, prevent hangovers and may help to alleviate headaches.

Made up of 97 percent water, the mighty cucumber is another vegetable that can help you stay hydrated and headache-free.

Contain compounds that convert to nitric oxide in the blood, may help protect against tension headaches and migraines.

Pumpkin Seeds
Magnesium, which is found in abundance in pumpkin seeds, may ward off head pain by relaxing blood vessels.

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