New Delhi, Aug 02 (ANI): Megastar Amitabh Bachchan thanked his fans for the loving wishes on his “re-birth” Day. He thanked his fans for all the prayers which brought him back to life after a disastrous injury while shooting for evergreen blockbuster ‘Coolie’ in 1983. Fans across the globe are marking the day by wishing the 75-year-old 'Happy Rebirth Day'. Big B expressed his gratitude towards his fans tweeting: “It is only because of my fans that I am alive today.“It shall be difficult for me to thank one and all but I know your prayers saved my life”. He also mentioned about the incident in his blog, he wrote, “There is enormous amount of celebratory mention and wishes for the 2nd of August, the day when I recovered from my Coolie accident .. to live another day , through the prayers of the millions that saved my life through their devotion to the Almighty .. a most heavy debt that I shall happily bear, and ever be in a state of never being able to repay it .” "There is a long history to the events of those times .. one that shall not be able to be narrated here .. though I do make insincere promises that someday they shall be spoken of ," the veteran actor wrote. The evergreen megastar Bachchan was born on Oct 11, 1942 but got a second life on Aug 02. The incident took place when the actor was accidently punched in the gut while shooting an intense fighting sequence opposite co-star Puneet Issar, which resulted in an internal abdominal injury. The actor was reportedly declared clinically dead for a few minutes before being put on the ventilator. After undergoing several surgeries, finally Big B moved a muscle and that's how the day became his "second birthday." The actor never forgets to thank his fans for their love and support. Currently he is working on Ayan Mukerji’s project ‘Brahmastra’, which also features Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.
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