You can follow the simpler Surya Namaskar sequence ( without the heart pose) or this power yoga sequence on loop. You can start with 4 times and increase the number by the day by setting a weekly goal for yourself. You can go upto 20 times max.

Power Yoga sequence

Tadasana – Mountain pose – hold for 10 sec
Urdhva Uttanasana – Half Forward Bend
Virabhadrasana I – Warrior I pose – left leg forward
Twisted Virabhadrasana / Parivrtta Parsva Konasana hold anjali mudra and rest your right elbow on left knee while doing the virabhadrasana for 8 counts
Plank 8 counts
Bhujangasana ( snake pose) 8 counts
Dynamic Svanasana (downward dog) right leg , at least 5 times
Virabhadhrasana 1 right leg forward
Twisted Virabhadrasana / Parivrtta Parsva Konasana hold for 8 counts
Twisted Trikonasana
Forward bend
Repeat the same sequence on other side (left & right).

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